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Storytelling Tropes Combined
I took my previous tropes entry, combined them, edited them for clarity, and added a few. If you have any more, put 'em in the comments!
Executing Order 66 - Systematically killing off the cast. Fun for slasher stories, not for when you're writing a drama and have no idea how to make it dramatic without death. 
When it works: Game of Thrones - We care about the characters and they die with respect to the situation and the results of that death has lasting consequences. The deaths are NOT WORTHLESS.
When it doesn't work: DC's Countdown. Watch Linkara's videos about it to understand why this fails so painfully. 
Phantom Menace Challenge - Have someone describe a character without mentioning their job or their appearance. The more the person can describe the character's personality, the better written the character. Compare and contrast the cast of A New Hope and Phantom Menace for example.
Ringing Bell Syndrome - When something starts out sweet, cute, or co
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Sometimes all it takes to feel better about things is simply to cry, take a Tylenol and take a brief nap.
I dunno if that's an avoidance mechanism, but it was sure effective to me.
And that whole "sleep as an avoidance mechanism" is something I'll spend a tad bit more time thinking about later.  Right now I'm just going to bask in the utter relief of ...  not being so bone crushingly sad and all-over achey.
So...  let's talk of other things because avoidance mechanisms don't at present interest me.  
My artistic endeavors, however, do.
Been laying down base colors on a few pieces, and taking some very good advice from Mommy RoboMommy, I'm only selecting a few pieces to focus on at a time.  The wisdom in this?  I'll actually stand a better chance of finishing one or two projects rather than a bundle of them.  If I succeed at that, chances aren't so likely I'll wind up like I did today, as an emotional, broken mess.
Okay, well, my earlier emotional s
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If you had the chance to speak to the entire world this week for five minutes, what would your speech be?
Hello, everyone! I will be returning to my full-time job on Monday, so I need to close down my commissions for now. My thanks to my customers and especially to MLP for your intellectual, financial, and emotional support thus far.

Not to complain, but it's kinda weird how whenever I'm looking through the Job Offers and Job Services forums here on DA for commissions, within 24 hours a complete stranger sends me a llama badge. It's never the same complete stranger, either.

On a less spooky note, I have to admit I learned a lot about how to promote myself (and how to not promote myself) just by seeing what other artists do. ex. By far, the best example I've come across of how to promote oneself is this image by Ocetee  Commish by OceteeNotice how instead of having to hunt through lots of text regarding features you're not shopping for, Ocetee's commission image draws your eye towards the features you were specifically looking for already. The use of the color-coded blocks for the head, half-body, etc. easily leads your eye right to the cost of each one. I learned a LOT just by this one image. THIS is a skilled work of art in and of itself.

In contrast, I have to admit that if somebody misspells words such as "payed" or "commisions", I don't even bother clicking on them. Granted, I've spelled the latter word incorrectly on occasion too, but dang, don't leave it all sloppy like that when your potential clients can see it plain as day at the top of the page. :-o

One oddity I spotted was when many artists state in brief lists regarding what sorts of artwork they specialize in versus what sorts of artwork they refuse to do. Namely, it was common to see that an artist might say they WILL do My Little Ponies, anime, or semirealistic artwork while also stating that they WON'T do vore, mecha, armor, or NSFW artwork. Yet, out of the blue, one artist stated that in their "Don't" list, they refused to draw old people.

Old people?

My first thought was, "Wha? What the heck does this bigot have against the elderly?" Then it dawned on me that the artist was probably just not comfortable with his skills at drawing realistic human faces in advanced age. ex. It's more than just wrinkles and gray hair added onto the face of a 20 year-old pop idol. There are sunken throats, liver spots, hair coming out of the nostrils and ears, etc. Yet, I still find it kinda insulting and disturbing that an artist had lumped "old people" in a list alongside rape, torture, gore, etc.
While driving, I've been listening to Corrie ten Boom's autobiographical CD audiobook of The Hiding Place. Two aspects of this book really leap out at me over and over.

1. It describes one of the most effective and true-to-life examples of how Christianity is more than merely a bunch of useful rules, quaint meditations, and life-hacks. (The medicine dropper is the example which comes first to my mind.)

I'm impressed how Corrie, her sister Betsie, and her father Casper were sincere Christians who basically ended up running an underground railroad out of her father's watchmaker's shop in Holland. Yet, what really impressed me is Corrie ten Boom's description of how religious belief worked intact, even inside Nazi concentration camps.)

2. No matter how many fictional and non-fictional accounts of Nazi occupation I've watched and read over the years, Corrie ten Boom's The Hiding Place ranks up there with Elie Wiesel's Night in regards to the horror of how unbelievably monstrous human beings can be towards each other. I mean, I knew Nazis were evil, but I didn't realize they were THIS evil! :-(

i.e. It's one thing when an officious authority figure tells you when you are permitted to poop. It's another when you find yourself looking forward to receiving today's allowance of not one but TWO whole squares of toilet paper! 

Not to sound pretentious, but if I had to rank various books/films/news regarding bureaucracy, totalitarianism, and how evil life can become, I'd have to say...

Least Evil
Office Space
Hogan's Heroes
The Great Escape
White Wolf's World of Darkness
Huxley's Brave New World
Orwell's Animal Farm
Rogue One
Tarantino's Inglorius Basterds
Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Desinovich
Schindler's List
News Articles About Guantanamo Bay
Orwell's 1984, especially inside Room 101
Corrie ten Boom's The Hiding Place, Holland during German occupation.
Elie Wiesel's Night
Corrie ten Boom's The Hiding Place, the concentration camp after her family's arrest.
Most Evil

(I consider myself blessed that God exposed me to Hogan's Heroes many years before I watched Schindler's List or read Elie Wiesel's Night. If done in the appropriate order, it's like a vaccination. If done in the wrong order, it's a one-way trip to an asylum. There's a reason we don't teach our six-year-olds about Anne Frank yet.)

On the uplifting side, I think that Corrie ten Boom's anecdote about the Happy Birthday song was a hilarious yet brilliant solution on how to save lives. :-) Moments like that would have fit neatly in Corporal LeBeau's latest pan of Struedel, yet moments like that were all the better because they actually worked in actual life.
Zoetic Prince
A couple months ago, I submitted this piece to Zoetic Press.…
Since they sent me one of the most polite rejection letters I've ever read, I figured it would be mean-spirited of me to trash-talk them at this point.

The piece itself was designed and drawn to accompany their focus for the month of January 2018: namely The Little Prince, written and illustrated by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. I wanted to make something which would be a wordless inside joke, therefore rewarding anyone who has read the book. I also wanted the reference to be within reach of both kids and college literature professors without insulting the intelligence of either.
If you had the chance to speak to the entire world this week for five minutes, what would your speech be?


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KyloRensMom Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday, Honey!  Hope today is as stellar as the man I date happens to be.  :)

Thanks again for my own birthay present, too!  You really outdid yourself on this one.

RoboMommy Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015  Professional General Artist
Hi son :hug:
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Hello, L!

MLP told me you'd be stopping by. :-)
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Mandi's such a mind reader! =D
KyloRensMom Featured By Owner Edited Oct 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was browsing through your gallery and marveling on how much you've matured, grown and changed as an artist over the years.  What really got me was, no matter how much better you got, it never negated how awesome your earlier works were.  They're still amazing, eye catching and relevant.  It's like you just got better, but your old stuff never aged or began to look "dated" or even "out of date" at all.  That's amazing to me! 

You're a fantastic artist, and the best one out there, in my opinion, and that was my opinion long before you agreed to date me.  And yes, dating your favorite artist?  That's one heckuva trip!  It's an honor to call you my boyfriend and the greatest honor my artwork has afforded me to get to work/collaborate with you on past projects.  Thank you for being who you are and being so willing to indulge your self proclaimed biggest fangirl!

Puppetcancer Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015  Hobbyist
Thanks, hon! I've never had anyone state that about my lifetime of artwork before.
KyloRensMom Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I certainly noticed it while browsing your gallery.  You've come a very long way, all while preserving your original talents and skills when they were relevant and up-to-date at the time.  Your older work, basically, does NOT appear inferior to newer pieces.  There are differences and growth, but none of it invalidates or negates the work that came before.  THAT is really awesome!

KyloRensMom Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

KyloRensMom Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy two years n' four month anniversary, Babe!  Thanks for a fantastic weekend.  :)

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You and Mandi, have a sweet weekend together <3 Hope you two get more of these, too. (And Mandi will get rid of all that work-related stress!)

Big, cuddly hug to you and Mandi,

~ Mommy Luana ~
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